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Medical records have traditionally been compiled and maintained by health care providers, but advances in online data storage have led to the development of personal health records (PHR) that are maintained by patients themselves, often on third-party websites. This concept is supported by US national health administration entities and by AHIMA, the American Health Information Management Association.

NHS Medical Records Storage Are you a GP Surgery, Dental Practice, PCT, Medical Centre, NHS or Private Hospital looking for the most cost effective way to keep your A4, Lloyd George and SP25 Patient records? It may be that you have already run out space for your Lloyd George Patient Record Wallets & Dental files and want a low cost storage solution that gets the very best out of your space.

Microsoft HealthVault is a web-based platform from Microsoft to store and maintain health and fitness information. Started in October 2007, the website is accessible at and addresses both individuals and healthcare professionals. A HealthVault record stores an individual’s health information. Access to a record is through a HealthVault account, which may be authorized to access records for multiple individuals, so that a mother may manage records for each of her children or a son may have access to his father’s record to help the father deal with medical issues. Access to the account is through Windows Live ID or a limited set of OpenID providers.

Document Management Software

Zebra Health The founders of ZebraHealth Inc. have been providing healthcare business services to healthcare providers for more than 25 years. Supporting healthcare claiming for health care providers and moving billions of dollars of HIPAA compliant health care claims in safe and secure environment has uniquely positioned ZebraHealth to bring an innovative approach to health care, transparency and cost effective care!

Office Storage Solutions (OSS) are premier Medical Record Storage Specialists. Popular Roller Racking and Storage Wall Solutions aid efficient Patient Medical Record assimilation. OSS has 20 years of experience delivering roller racking and mobile shelving storage solutions. Office Storage Solutions provides efficient filing and storage for companies and organisations of all sizes. They can optimise storage efficiency to improve your office environment.

DG Vault DGVault converts Paper, Microfiche, Microfilm and X-rays. “We may be the only service bureau in USA to have all the conversion equipment under one roof.” All facilities are equipped with high speed scanners, bandwidth, world class indexing software and trained man power resources. DGVault Corp has worked with clients from all industries including Government, Education, Legal, Healthcare, Insurance, Food Service and Heavy Equipment.


Records Management – Records Management is the practice of maintaining the records of an organization from the time they are created up to their eventual disposal. This may include classifying, storing, securing, and destruction (or in some cases, archival preservation) of records.