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When you think of Boxes the first picture to come into your mind would be the standard cardboard box. However with all the development of materials and new radical designs, storage boxes are no longer as mundane as before. Obviously if you’re looking for a specific box style, say for moving home items such as plates and cutlery. Or maybe certain shaped boxes to make best use of the space in a self-storage unit, then there is no substitute for the standard box. However if you are looking for more storage items, you can find out more details in the links at the top right []

Book/Archive Box

Archive box
Storage Boxes
Archive Box

(L389 x W304 x H244)mm 15.5′ x 12′ x 9.5′

£3.50 (inc VAT)
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Archive Box Large

Archive box
Storage Boxes
Archive Box

(L438 x W355 x H292)mm 17.5′ x 14′ x 11.5′

£4.00 (inc VAT) | Click here for details…