Document Management

There can be times when information is so sensitive that an additional level of security is required; this could be for government documentation, specific medical research information or highly sensitive commercial information that a company does not want to be available in the public domain. Whatever these data might be there can be very special requirements for an ultra secure document archiving facility.
Typical features for ultra secure document storage facilities include:

  • CCTV coverage of all areas
  • Secure entry through controlled pass-codes
  • Strong physical locks
  • Conservation environment necessary to preserve paper and other types of data

The documents could be indexed by department, vendor, purchase order number or any other concept that makes business sense to your organization. Unlike folders in a file cabinet, document management systems store documents in electronic folders that can be indexed by multiple pieces of information. This gives users the ability to search and retrieve documents based upon different criteria.

A document management system can be used to capture and organize all of these documents into easy-to-find electronic documents. The paper documents could have been scanned into the document management system. The electronic records could be either stored in the system or pointed to from another system. A document management system has the power to tie these documents together.


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